California Kids Hairstyling


California Kids is proud to offer Orange Countys finest hair care services.

Childrens Haircuts come with a shampoo, blowdry and complementry regular hairstyle

Kids 0-5 $16 and up
Kids 0-17 $18 and up
Womens Cut $25 and up
Mens Cut $18
Style only 0-5 $14 and up
Style only 0-17 $16 and up
Updos 0-5 $35 and up
Updos 0-17 $45 and up
We offer a variety of other services for Kids  and Adults
Tuesday's is Happy First Haircut 9am-12pm print coupon

Open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm  Sat 9am-5:30pm  Sun 10am-3pm

(714) 628-9906

3310 E. Chapman Ave
Orange CA. 9286

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